Can MIDI Sound Quality be Equal to Audio Sound?

The answer can be, although it's not perfect same like audio sound quality, it all depends on the cold hand of the midi maker, the standard midi sound is very electronic sound, different from the audio recorded on the original music instrument, the midi sound better if played on the keyboard instrument media, because the keyboard instruments have hardware that is designed in such a way from the manufacture, to process the midi sound sounds better, when compared to playing on other media such as computers.  Usually the midi maker will mix the midi to make it sound better by using various techniques. This is where the important role of velocity of each instrument must be prioritized in making MIDI, velocity itself means how hard the keys of keyboard controller are pressed, because if the keys are pressed hardly the sound will be loud and vice versa, for example piano sound, make piano sound that is dynamic, the need for technique  piano key touch, play the piano key touch response ac

Guitar to MIDI Sound

Technology is now more advanced, our life can not be separated from technology, including the world of midi, before this time came, the makers of MIDI, use MIDI controller or keyboard to make MIDI, but in this time and keyboard and MIDI controller are not the only tools instrument that can make midi, but now guitar has become to be a musical instrument that can make midi, I was surprised to see this development, as far as I know, guitar is a musical instrument that only produces audio signals, but all my views vanished when I saw this technology, the technology that can make the guitar into an instrument midi maker tools is Jam Origin Midi Guitar software, with this software the audio signal from guitar can be converted into a midi signal, all sounds synthesizers or midi standard sounds are already contained in this software, many midi lovers try to use this software, the response is quite positive and pleasant for its users, As an alternative instrument for making MIDI or other music

Why MIDI files So Special?

Midi files is not an audio type file, like our previous discussion, MIDI is a collection of melodies, they are combined together to be a complete song composition, for a keyboard practitioner or keyboard player, MIDI is one unit that supports each other, inside MIDI files there are only 16 channel instruments, so if you want to add more channels, of course you can't, in this case, the midi makers outsmart it with their shrewdness, usually they will combine with the existing channel, according of part of the song itself. The uniqueness of MIDI is, that we can record all kinds of instruments in one song with just one instrument, if I make a MIDI files, i just use the MIDI controller only, while all source of instruments are only from recording software, some people make midi files from the keyboard instrument and the instrument sounds source from keyboard itself, all depends on the habits and comfort of the midi maker itself.

MIDI for Business

Have you ever seen an ad on television?  If you have seen it, of course you will hear the music that accompanies the advertisement it self, so that the advertisement looks alive, the advertiser combining the music element as an accompaniment of the advertisement, according kind of commercial product it self, this music called jingles, many companies hiring professional midi maker to composing their theme song of products, usually the midi maker will adjust the kind of music according of product it self, for example baby milk advertisements, for this product, it is better to use a cheerful music, because the commercial targets are mothers and children, beside that case, the company also use jingle song as company theme songs for company identity, as a symbol of company spirit and good work ethic of the company's employees it self.

My First Time Knew MIDI Music

At first i was also blind about midi music, even though i was originally as a guitar player, every day i always playing guitar and sing my favorite songs together with my friends, and my song reference only from media such television and cassette tapes, because in the past time, there was no computer technology like this time, in the past time, music media only from cassette tapes and television, there were only one or two television stations was exist, specifically i like television shows from private television stations is MTV music shows, it's my favorite program as a place for music lovers like me to enjoy western music, etc, the point of that, it's really hard to enjoy various entertainments because of various limitations, it was not easy, slow but sure the era of computer tech came, and brought me to know more about music, especially midi music, when i first heard about midi music when i went to shopping with my parent in mall at Jakarta, when i passed a musical instrumen

Play MIDI Files on Yamaha Keyboard

Yamaha is the one of the most sophisticated musical instrument manufacturers of various features, for the highest type it supports USB flash disk connection and for the highest type, it supports USB flashdisk connection and also can connect the keyboard screen to the monitor screen or television, so you can see all keyboard screen view, through the big screen of monitor or television, for other keyboard brands i don't know yet, maybe you know there are other brands that have this feature can be commented in the comments column, if you want to know more detail, how to play MIDI files on the Yamaha keyboard there are has many tutorials on the internet or you can read at the owner's manual book when you buying the keyboard, if you lost that book, you can download the manual book at  here , if you want to see the video tutorial at here , each type of keyboard has the same way to play midi files, the difference is only the placement of the keys, ok good luck

How to Play MIDI Files?

There are many ways to play midi files, starting from laptops or computers at home by using midi player software such as vanbasco software. This is a free software can be downloaded on the official website or can find it at , for my opinion, this midi player software is the most complete and perfect, because many features what you needed such as changing transpose, pitch, karaoke lyrics display, changing background as you wish etc, it same like the features on the keyboard or you can also play midi files online on internet through sites that provide midi player on their website. For the better sound, midi files should be played on keyboards that already support MIDI player, because many keyboard manufacturers cannot support MIDI player, usually it's only an entry level keyboard, it can only play the default MIDI file from the keyboard manufacturer, and can not played from other sources such as from a USB flashdisk, i am a loyal user of Yamaha brand keyboard, i am